A Minute to Midnight (An Atlee Pine Thriller (2)) EBOOK (PDF & EPUB format)

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FBI Agent Atlee Pine’s life was never the equivalent after her twin sister Mercy was abducted – and likely murdered – thirty years back. After a lifetime of agonizing vulnerability, Atlee’s uncertain indignation at long last improves of her at work, and she discovers she needs to manage the evil spirits of her past on the off chance that she needs to stay with the FBI.

Atlee and her associate Carol Blum head back to Atlee’s provincial old neighborhood in Georgia to perceive what they can reveal about the horrible night Mercy was taken and Pine was nearly murdered. Be that as it may, not long after Atlee starts her examination, a neighborhood lady is found formally killed, her face secured with a wedding cloak – and the main killing is immediately trailed by a second unusual homicide.

Atlee is resolved to proceed with her quest for answers, however now she should likewise focus on finding a potential sequential executioner before another injured individual is asserted. Yet, in a community brimming with insider facts – some of which could respond to the inquiries that have tormented Atlee her whole life- – delving further into the past could be more hazardous than she understands . . .

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